5 real easy ways to be “green”er on the road September 26 2016, 0 Comments


1. You like beer? Buy cans…or better yet, buy a growler and re-fill it

2. Don’t use paper towels - I know, its easy, but get some cleaning rags….its a breeze to hand wash them yourself and reuse

3. Shop at Farmers Markets - Bring your own bag, saves on packaging and plastic bags

4. Be sure to recycle - Have a relying bag or container to keep in your RV for when a RV park or campground does not have a receiving bin….If your at a grocery store or Costco…unpack in the parking lot and take the recycling back to the store and ask if they can recycle for you

5. Be aware of your electric use as if you were home - Turn off lights when not needed, look into high efficient lightbulbs, or possible solar options, there are some cool outdoor solar lights out there….along solar lamps and lanterns