We have some new accessories April 19 2019, 0 Comments

Having the right tools and products while on the road are important! How often are you camping out of town or set up for the night and don't have the tool or product you need to complete a DIY project? Or have something come up unexpected?

We are always trying to expand our product collection. We have recently added a few new accessories to the Tough Top Collection.

Here is a link to our accessories page and a run down of a couple new accessories we have added:

  1. Custom Pull Strap - Actually this is NOT a new accessory  but it’s one Tough Tops makes in-house and we have created our first packaging for….Which we think is exciting!
Our Custom Pull Strap is a thin strap that mounts to the underside of the roller tube on a A&E Dometic or a Carefree of Colorado manual pull down patio awning.
We customize our Pull Straps to your size requirements and currently sell Pull Straps for Window Awnings, Omega Slide out Awnings and Patio Awnings.

2. Windshield Repair Kit - Don’t let a crack on your windshield slow you down, you have adventures to experience, right? No need to wait for a rock chip repair person or try to find a repair center that delays your travels or risk it and have the chip develop into a crack.

3. RV Awning Stabilizer Kit - One big fear is to come back from a day out exploring and see your patio awning damaged from a wind storm while you were gone! The Stabilizer Kit does just that, stabilizes your patio awning and hunkers down the fort.

4. Slide Out Rubber Seal Conditioner - The conditioner that does it all!! Works in RVs, cars, boats, or even at home. Improves slide out function and prolongs the life of the seals, coats the surface in a water-repellent film, cleans, conditions, shines, and protects against UV rays and prevents fading, cracking and deterioration.

If you have an idea for a RV accessories please let us know, we would love to hear from you.

Happy RVing!

Comparing our Off-White, Champagne & Sand Colors September 26 2018, 0 Comments

We at Tough Tops do our best to address questions we get from our wonderful customers to make everyone’s user experience with us the best it can possibly be. One question we get often  is also one that is sorta tough to answer: “What is the difference in color between our off-white, champagne and sand colors on our 15oz. fabric?”

First off we have stated that our colors do NOT match A&E Dometic or Carefree of Colorado! The Tough Top colors of off-white, champagne and sand are not far off from each other, but they do have different color shades and this can be important when trying to choose the right color for your needs. On our website we do have color swatches and we also overlay those colors over an awning to give you an IDEA of what the color may look like on your rig.

The Tough Top Awnings website showing colors

We sell 95% of our awnings through our website and this means most of you are seeing the awning colors though the eyes of your computer. And for those who have computer knowledge know that computers show you color differently depending on the room light and glare... BUT more importantly by the color calibration of your computer monitor. We put this to the test one day at our offices and saw that the color swatches on the website slightly varied from the three computers we had in the office.

SO, WHAT TO DO? To be honest, the computer calibration has not been a big issue but wanted to bring it to everyone’s attention….most folks just want to see the differences in the shades between the three….So below are the three colors next to each other for comparison. If you still are not sure, the next step would be to contact us and we can send you a fabric color sample so you can see the color in person to make the right choice.

Click here to go to the 15oz page and learn more

If anyone has any questions or comments or suggestions about our colors feel free to contact us….We would love to hear from you.

To learn about all our products and see complete product list, click HERE

*** If you are concerned or interested in the calibrating of your computer screen….First off I would go to a website you know and have a good understanding of the colors….for example, if you shop at Target, go get a Target bag or newspaper ad and compare the red color of the logo with what’s on your screen…if it’s off you know your screen needs calibrating….here is a link to help you out.

Happy RVing

How to Order On Tough Top Awning's Website June 01 2017, 1 Comment

Tyler put together a quick video to make ordering an awning through our website quick and easy!

Greetings from Tough Top Awnings! - 2015 March 03 2015, 0 Comments


Greetings from Tough Top Awnings!  We would love to update our customers on what is happening at Tough Top Awnings. In response to our thousands of customers we continue to add products to our inventory in order to better serve your needs.


Tough Top Awnings is Growing

2014 was a break out year for Tough Top Awnings! Our son-in-law Tyler and our daughter Christie have joined myself, and my wife Sandy,  to help keep up with our growing customer base.  They now handle our day to day operations and you’ll find Tyler’s contact information throughout our website.   Our son Rick, a graphic designer and website designer in Boulder, Colorado has been handling our branding, website,  and marketing needs for a number of years now.  To meet all of us please check our video below we made over the summer in the Pacific Northwest.


RV Main (Patio) Awnings now available

After a number of years searching for the best fabric in a large enough size so we could fabricate  “one piece” main awning (there are no splicing on our awnings), we finally went into production last year.  A big Thank You to all of you who have ordered our new RV main awnings.   Our RV Patio Awning Installation Video is unquestionably the best and most comprehensive video of its kind on the internet. This project was completed with the help of our friends, the RV Geeks,  the premier RV VIDEO  “information” and “how to”  guru’s on the internet.   If you’re not familiar with them do yourself a favor and check them out their website HERE and their YouTube page HERE


RV Window Awnings and Door Awnings

We’ve been manufacturing window and door awnings for some time now and we are excited to have much more information and ordering instructions on our website to make it as easy as possible for our customers.


RV Awning Accessories

We’re also manufacturing “in house” all the RV awning pull straps you need for your RV.   These are made out of top grade strapping fabric and are competitively priced.   In addition we have Anti Bellowing hardware for A&E (Dometic) slide out awnings as well as heavy duty main (patio) awning Deflappers.   Be sure to keep an eye on our Accessories Page for other new items as time goes on.


Tough Top Awnings ONLINE Store

In 2014 we added our online store! Our store allows for an easy buying experience and allows our customers to get an instant quote on all our products. Our main goal is not only for an easy buying experience, but a secure checkout, quality products,  and MOST IMPORTANTLY to maintain the high level of customer service we have strived for since day one!


Tough Top Awnings was built on excellent customer service and our “one on one” customer relationships.  For those who have any questions or concerns  BEFORE you order Tyler’s phone number is readily available on every page of our store and website.   From day one we have always stressed our accessibility and have made ourselves available to answer all questions or concerns anyone might have.   Very early in our business we received a testimonial from a happy customer because we were doing business “the old fashioned way”.   This is but one of the pillars of the foundation for our success, and we will not deviate from it.   As I look back to when I was on the phone all the time I must admit I miss talking to our customers.    I cherish the many “over the phone” relationships established with many of our customers and through time  I’ve come to realize in life all of us face the same trials and tribulations, and in this respect quite often we can help each other out.   Hopefully I’ve encouraged some of them as there is no doubt many of them have encouraged me.   


In conclusion we sincerely thank our customers for giving us the opportunity to serve them.  We have grown beyond our wildest expectations and with that come the responsibility to continue to deliver the best product at the best price with the service to back it up.    We will continue to strive to do just that!


Ray and Sandy Oberreuter
Owners, Tough Top Awnings