How to Order On Tough Top Awning's Website June 01 2017, 1 Comment

Tyler put together a quick video to make ordering an awning through our website quick and easy!

Casino Camping in Oregon and California February 16 2017, 0 Comments

I’ve been traveling up and down California and Oregon a lot over the last few months. Both states are over the top beautiful to say the least, but they are also expensive! Camping can be expensive too, RV Parks can run anywhere from $45 to close to $100 depending where you are at, and most state and national parks $35 a night. If someone on a budget, that can be a lot per month….thats where casino camping comes in! It’s cheap to free and many times very well located.


Here are the top 5 casinos I’ve camped at in California and Oregon. I am not a gambler so this top 5 has nothing to do with gambling aspect of the casinos.

View from Cher-Ae Heights Casino, Trinidad CA


  1. Cher-Ae Heights Casino - Just a couple miles from Trinidad CA, a cool city and must stop. I rated this my #1 casino stop because of the view! The RV parking is up the hill from the casino, with large trees for shade, take the 25 yard walk to the edge of a hill overlooking the ocean into Trinidad…just beautiful!! The stay costs $20 for 3 nights…its very quite…and an added bonus, there is a small hiking trail 1/2 further down the road to a beautiful beach…enjoy!

Sand Dunes near Florence, OR


2. Three Rivers Casino - Just a couple miles outside Florence, OR. Florence is on the 101, and is the beginning (going south) of the coastal sand dunes. The casino is just off the 101 and a short drive to Historic Florence, I actually rode my bike down there one day. The lot is large and flat, plus I feel very safe as security does make the rounds (be sure to check-in). They allow you to stay 3 days free, more if you gamble. I like this stop because its close to the town to get a bite to eat, if you spend a few days in the area there are many day trips to take to the many state parks for hiking and site seeing.


Shore Acres State Park near North Bend, OR


3. The Mill Casino - Located in North Bend, OR, The Mill offers both an RV Park (not sure the price) and a non-hookup lot for $15/night. You can take advantage of the restrooms/showers, laundry and wi-fi (does not work well, but you can walk up to the casino toward the back and get good coverage there). I have this #2 for a few reasons, it is right off the busy 101, but the bay is right there and very pretty, I like the use of the showers, and when its not busy they will allow you to use the dump station. They also have pretty good, reasonably priced food (I took advantage of the Sunday Morning buffet). The main reason is the closeness to State Parks (Sunset Bay, Cape Arago State Park and Shore Acres State Park)  Some of the most beauty coastline in Oregon, be sure to stop at the viewing area of the off-shore colonies of seals and sea lions at Shell Island (take your binoculars)


4. Blue Lake Casino - Located about 8 miles off the 101 in Blue Lake, CA….near Arcata. To be honest there is not much special about this location, nice small lot….very nice staff when I checked in and I remember the food was pretty good and inexpensive. The 2 main reasons I liked this place was 1. its inland and in the mountains, after being along the coast for a while and missing CO I just felt at home waking up and seeing mountains all around me 2. while the town is really small, Im a beer lover and there is a great brewery with outside patio I walked to called: Mad River Brewing Co.


5. Agua Caliente Casino - Located in Rancho Mirage, CA….Short drive from Palm Springs. They make my list for the huge parking lot, and flat as well….When I went to check in they were very relaxed and felt I could have stayed there a few days in needed. Its located in near Palm Springs and is about an hour or so from Joshua Tree….and FREE

TOUGH TOP COMMUNITY January 23 2017, 0 Comments

We love the RV industry!!

Last year we celebrated our 10th year in business manufacturing and selling RV awnings. Looking back on all the success, some failures, all the wonderful people and businesses we have met we all know how lucky we are, and this is where we belong. 

We started kicking around an idea to further connect our community of RV businesses and all the people who support us all. We fully believe in community and even more so from our travels and being is business for 10 years, believe in the RV community.

So, we decided to launch the Tough Top Community! It's simple in nature, we want a place were RV businesses and organizations can promote themselves and introduce themselves to the RV world, and we want a place all of YOU can meet these businesses, connect with them and receive consistent information as well.....under one roof.

We are new and need all the help we can get....We are very forntute to have a few well established businesses believe in our idea and join us. Please take a look at the Community, let us know what you think....But more importantly share with others, connect with the Community businesses and help us make this a powerful tool in the RV industry.

We at Tough Top Awnings thanks you in advance for your help and look forward to grow the community.

RV Awning Discount + RVgeeks Quartzsite Appearance! December 09 2016, 1 Comment

Happy Holidays!

We are excited for the holiday season, but want to keep the excitement going through the New Year! We will be in Quartzite in Jan. for the RV Show with our friends the RVgeeks, and offering a 10% discount starting now and running till the end of the show.





Thinking about going solar? June 19 2016, 0 Comments

Are you thinking about adding a solar system in your RV or motorhome?

Here are 5 simple things to get you thinking…

1. Budget - It seems things always begin and end with money…. but if you set a budget for yourself it will help you decided where to put that money. 

2. Wattage - Its tough to figure out how many watts you will need, that might take some research, depends on the number of people, and it your wanting to keep the same lifestyle as if you were at home. Think about ways to save on energy….solar powered lights along with LED lights, an inverter the plugs into lighter to charge computer and devices…maybe even a french press to replace your coffee maker. Usually it's about a dollar a watt.

3. Type of batteries - there are many types to choose from, I’m no expert, We went with hight quality solar batteries….here is a link the might help


4. Where will the panels go? - Solar is all about efficiency….and RVing is all about using your space wisely….having panels on the ground allow you to move them around and point toward the sun, but you need to store them somewhere. If you mount them on your roof, they will be stored and out of the way…and will be changing whenever the sun is out….even while your on the road!


5. Controller  - In my option the most important part of your system. Hence the name, it controls the energy coming in from the panels and keeps your batteries properly fed and safe for the long term.


There is a lot to think about, not to mention all the wiring you will need as well. But when done right it makes for an amazing way to travel….and being self-efficient is great for the environment.