The Difference between 15oz fabric and 18oz fabric.


 The real difference in Tough Top Awning’s Fabric is not price.  It’s not how long it will last.  It is purely how it work in the different environments and hardware that it will be going on.

All our fabrics are proprietary to Tough Top Awnings and can only be sold by us.

All our fabrics are UV Resistant and Mildew Resistant and are Water Proof.

All our Products are Manufactured in the USA and are designed to last from 10 to 15 years in the harshest environments this world can throw at it.

Our 15oz Heavy Duty Fabric is a Pre-Stretched material designed specifically for Slide Toppers, Window Shades and Over the Door Awnings.  It's design is for heavy rains and high winds.

Our 18oz Coated Vinyl is a special type of industrial grade vinyl designed to be a little thick but with its coated properties it has give to the fabric.  We primarily use this on the main pull-down awnings and deep Carefree Omega Awnings.  Any awning that has a depth of over 55” the fabric will need to give with the wind in order to not damage hardware.


There is a lot of talk about stitching the exposed sides of fabrics.

The only reason we can see why someone would do this is they are afraid their fabrics are going to come apart or they may be worried about ripping.  We have heard a few different companies talk about RipStop.  Pretty Sure that isn’t a Word!

We have been making our replacements out of the same material and with USA hard work and exceptional customer service and will continue to NOT talk a big game.  We are just here to get the job done so our fellow RVer’s can have worry free fabric.


Remember, Consider both length and depth and if you still not sure please call Tyler at 360-980-0537.


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