How to Order On Tough Top Awning's Website June 01 2017, 1 Comment

Tyler put together a quick video to make ordering an awning through our website quick and easy!

Differences between 15oz. and 18oz. fabrics June 08 2016, 1 Comment

 We receive a number of phone calls from our customers confused on the differences between our Premium 15oz. fabric and our 18oz. fabric so I will try to answer those questions.

Our 15oz. Premium laminate fabric has been with us from day one. Laminates are two pieces of fabric glued together. Its tremendous tensile strength is obvious by the close up photo comparing it to the most popular original fabric manufacturer (OEM).



More points of adhesion means it stays together better. Admittedly OEM  laminate fabrics have a bad reputation precisely because they use light inferior fabric that is known to delaminate. This is also why they are hemmed on the  edges. From the ground they look great but they just don’t  last long.  

After ten years experience with our premium 15 oz fabric in the field we simply do not have delaminating issues. The same is true for our 18 oz fabric, BUT for a very different reason.    Technically it is classified as a “coated” fabric because the production process is totally different. It is one piece…period! Not two pieces glued together.

 Literally its impossible to delaminate. Being 18oz. it obviously is heavier BUT surprisingly it is less expensive due to its simpler production process.

If you’re a customer debating on which way to go hopefully this will help. Our color choices are more expansive with our Premium fabric and currently our 18 oz fabric is available in white and sand, but shortly we will be adding more color selections. Watch our website or give us call for more information. By nature our Premium 15 oz fabric is stiffer (remember it is 2 pieces glued together) which is a positive because slide out awnings by design can turn into a wind tunnel depending on the force and direction of the wind. If you’re an experienced RV’er you may have had a beating slide out awning keep you from getting a good nights sleep.    For this reason very often we will suggest going with this fabric.   


On the other hand our 18 oz coated fabric handles the wind just fine, but it is not as rigid. The deciding factor for us at Tough Top Awnings is the size and depth of your slide out. The less weight you have the less  stress you have on your roller tube and spring mechanism.  Our suggestion is whenever you go over 12’ wide(or long/ however you look at it) and over 34” deep, fabric weight must be considered. For example 18oz. fabric would be fine on bedroom slide of 90” X  42” but not on a living room slide of 144” x 40”. Looking at it a different way 18oz. fabric would be fine on an  175” X  18” slide out. 


Remember, Consider both length and depth and if you still not sure please call Tyler at 360-980-0537.


Learn more and see our buying checklist here:




FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS February 10 2016, 2 Comments

We do our best to provide the most information we can about our awnings, and want to make the buying process as easy as we can! We created a page of some of the questions we get asked the most. Click below....And don't be afraid to ask a question...we are only a phone call or email away....